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White House defends against Cyber Attack

IT Security ConsultingOctober got off to an exciting start in Washington, D.C. On Oct. 1, 2012, the White House almost fell victim to hackers, according to The network that came under attack was unclassified, and White House staff said that the incident was isolated.

Some speculation surrounds who might have committed the unsuccessful attack – one publication accused China — and around what may or may not have been stored on the network that was shut down as soon as the compromise was detected. It seems unlikely that the U.S. government would store the codes to its nuclear arsenal on an unsecured network.

No organization, regardless of how large or small, is 100% safe from hackers. But business leaders who have even half the diligence that the U.S. government had in this particular case, could make their businesses a lot less vulnerable than those who mistakenly believe that small companies aren’t just as vulnerable as large ones.

Those business leaders who still lack sufficient protection around their companies’ networks are advised to take advantage of one of the free consultations offered by some managed IT services providers and start looking into how they can better protect their businesses, their customers and their employees from cyber attacks and other threats.

Is your business protected from all the threats that exist today?  Call our team of top IT security professionals today to book a no obligation review of your business security today.

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