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US Postal Service Still Provides Affordable Marketing Option for Small Businesses

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) may be struggling, but it is not going down without a fight. And for small-business owners, that’s a good thing. Most small-business owners, especially bootstrappers, can’t afford to use UPS or FedEx for package deliveries. Thanks to the USPS’ “If It Fits, It Ships” campaign, small-business owners can select mail packages for a fraction of what it would cost to send them through UPS or FedEx. Now, in an effort to facilitate direct mail marketing, the USPS has introduced its latest money-saving campaign:  “Every Door Direct Mail.” Those who have been watching television lately may have seen the commercial for it.

It’s a pretty simple process. Small-business owners no longer have to create specific mailing lists. Now, they can just choose the neighborhoods where they want their company’s mailers to go, and the USPS will deliver those mailers into all the mailboxes in those neighborhoods. There are two categories for the direct mail service: Every Door Direct Mail – Retail and Every Door Direct Mail.

With the Every Door Direct Mail – Retail, a small-business owner can mail up to 5,000 pieces of mail per day without having to buy a postage permit. Every Door Direct Mail is for larger mailing requirements. Business owners who use Every Door Direct Mail do have to buy a postage permit.

Postage for each piece of mail could be as low as $0.14.5, which leaves more money available for the cost of printing and supplies. Since many small businesses are non-profits, these additional savings could help them stretch their budgets just a little bit further.

Every Door Direct Mail is a timely solution not only for the US Postal Service but also for the small-business owners this campaign largely targets.

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