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Thunderstorms in the Northeast Hinder Air Travel, Topple Trees and Power Lines

Northeast US thunderstormsFor the second time during the summer of 2012, thunderstorms pummeled the eastern United States. Flash floods have been predicted for some areas and tornadoes for others.

Afternoon thunderstorms came with winds moving as fast as 60 miles per hour. But the Northeast wasn’t the only area affected. Heavy rain and high winds brought down trees and power lines and damaged buildings from Kentucky to Connecticut, according Business Week.

Several flights have been canceled as a result of the severe weather.  La Guardia airport canceled the most flights with 91. Philadelphia had the second largest number of cancelations with 58.

Wise business leaders prepared for this kind of weather by establishing business continuity plans for their businesses that will ensure that whether the power goes out or their employees have to evacuate because of flash flooding or tornadoes, once everyone is safe and sound, business will be able to continue.

The storms of June 29, 2012, served as a warning to small- and medium-business owners who hadn’t already created disaster recovery plans for their companies. Even a small amount of data loss can cause a business to fail completely. Those that don’t fail never fully recover from the damage caused by the loss.

Wildfires, floods and storms throughout the U.S. and Canada have made it clear that disaster can strike anywhere, at any time. Virtualization and cloud storage are two solutions that could ensure that business data remains safe even if the business’ office location gets damaged or destroyed by a severe thunderstorm.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes before you start thinking about how to maintain business continuity. By then, it will be too late. Start today. We can help you with all of your diaster recovery and business continuity needs.  Schedule a no-obligation consultation to find out what you can do to protect your company’s data.

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