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The internet will be free again

IT Consulting and SupportIt is been a long debate about the strict regulation and control of state authority over the use of internet. For the sake of national security, they have tracking internet activity of everyone and no personal information was exempted from their scrutiny. This is why; people have been raising concerns about their privacy and also private information on the internet for a long time. After such a long debate and advocacy, the Republican Party has finally announced to remove all those barriers very soon. So, the people can expect that the obsolete and unnecessary regulations will be dropped very soon.

The issue of internet usage regulation has been a burning issue for a very long time. Since it was closely related to privacy, people were very sceptical about it. Due to safety issues, most states have been enforcing professionals and academic institutions to adhere to a number of regulations such as development of internet usage policy, tracking and sharing internet usage, install firewalls and filters which have somehow curtailed the power of internet. In addition to that, regulation such as Patriot Act also allowed the state agencies to tap into our personal information which might be used against us. The leaked information might be also used by third parties for their own benefits as well. However, with the new resolution from the Republican Party, all those will be outmoded very soon.

According to the new plan, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, shortly known as CISPA that forced private companies to share their client information with government agencies will be withdrawn. The new philosophy will also ensure that all personal information are treated with constitutional protection from all interruption either state or intelligence authorities as well. However, there will be still some regulations on harmful sites such as gambling or with illegal contents which will need supervision. The state can’t leave everything to chances especially with the children.

This initiative had a mixed reaction in the people. Although many people have welcomed this move, not everyone is in favor of this. According them, this could make the information technology sector even more vulnerable. However, it is the users, not the state that can ensure IT safety and security if they are aware of the consequences of their actions.

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