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The Dangers of Internet Sharing That Everyone Should Know About

IT SecurityThere’s a new website in town called Please Rob Me that seeks to alert people to the dangers of TMI (too much information) on the Internet.

Sites like Foursquare, Twitter, Google Buzz and others allow people to keep track of their friends and vice versa. As founders Barry Borsboom, Boy van Amstel and Frank Groeneveld pointed out in a guest post for, the risks involved with sharing your location online are manifold. One of the two greatest threats is when you tweet that you’re having a large light mocha Frappuccino at your local Starbucks or check in to Foursquare from the movie theater just before entering to watch “Ted” or whatever, you’re telling all of your followers that you’re not at home. If you have your Twitter feed synchronized with your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, you’ve told dozens or – depending on your Facebook privacy settings – even hundreds of other people exactly where you are. The second and more frightening risk comes from the friend who checks in to Foursquare to announce that he’s attending a wine tasting event or dinner party at your house. In a matter of seconds, people all over the country and, possibly, all over the world know where you live. So, the next time you tweet that you’re at Starbucks or wherever, it’s possible that someone far less honest and decent than you could take that as her cue to go make herself at home in your home.

Borsboom, van Amstel and Groeneveld openly state that they don’t want people to stop using Foursquare, Twitter and other location-based sites and services or feel afraid to use things like EZPass and pre-pay parking meters and lots via their smart phones. Instead, they want the developers who create these convenient applications to develop them with privacy filters already built in. That way a person would be able to share that he’s hanging out at Dave’s without also unwittingly sharing the address and exact location of Dave’s home.

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