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Should you limit your cell phone usage?

Always on your cell phone? Don’t worry; after you’re done reading this, you won’t be!

There are some epidemiology studies that say brain cancer rates might be higher in long-term or heavy cell phone users. In other words, RF (radio frequency) energy emitted by cell phones is “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. For those who don’t know, RF energy was put into the “possibly carcinogenic to humans” category by the International Agency on Research for Cancer recently. There have only been a few studies to support the cell phone-cancer link, though.

Now just because RF energy emitted by cell phones is carcinogenic doesn’t mean you have to chuck your cell phone out the window or run away from a cell phone tower as far as possible. You see, RF energy emitted by cell phones is a type of non-ionizing radiation and is similar to the type of energy used for AM/FM radio and TV broadcast signals. Since cell phones are designed to run at the least power necessary to connect and maintain quality calls, your RF energy exposure levels are well below the safety limits (even if you are near a cell phone tower) and should not necessarily be considered a health concern. And RF energy is not particularly harmful unless you are exposed to it for extended periods.

Nonetheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think? So, what you need to do is believe what those studies have said to limit your cell phone usage. Instead of making phone calls, you can give your fingers a good work out by sending text messages. Hands-free devices can be chosen too and if you have kids under the age of 18, tell them to limit their cell phone usage too.

Do you have questions about mobility in the workplace or what the right cell phone is for your business?  Don’t worry, we are your local IT support team and we are here to help you.

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