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What is VoIP?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows you to communicate by sending voice as data packets using the internet.
But, VoIP is not just a telephone or voice system, it is much more than that. VoIP can offer you a single, unified communication solution that fulfills all your business communication needs such as calling, video and audio conferencing, and other
collaboration requirements.

Cloud Hosted Solution

Microsoft Teams Phone

On-Premise Solution

All equipment is installed at your company’s office, typically managed and maintained by your internal IT department or Managed Service Provider (MSP).

What are the options for VoIP?

Snider Technology customizes VoIP (Voice Over IP) solutions for businesses helping reduce costs, improve productivity and increase communication flexibility with features not available on traditional phone systems.

Microsoft Teams

Work smarter with an all-in-one app that brings together calling,
chat, meetings, and collaboration.

Cloud Hosted

All software and hardware is hosted in the cloud and maintained by a VoIP provider. Other than the physical phones, everything else is provided virtually.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Stay connected with voice and video calling using Microsoft Teams Phone on your computer, tablet, mobile device, or desk phone.

Stay connected with a modern calling solution

Calling in the flow of work

Work smarter with an all-in-one app that brings together calling, chat, meetings, and collaboration.

Business-critical calling

Use built-in, innovative, and AI-powered calling experiences and integrated partner software solutions.

Devices for any calling scenario

Benefit from a wide portfolio of devices for any business need and get flexible financing options.

Simple set up and management

Easily add, monitor, and manage voice and video calling from the Teams admin center.

Why should I opt for VoIP?

Wondering why you should consider switching to VoIP over your regular phone lines? Here are some reasons.

Cost Saving

You may have heard that one of the biggest benefits of VoIP is the cost savings that you get when you
choose VoIP over traditional phone systems. And that is true. VoIP works out much cheaper than the good old telephony system.


Your VoIP phone can just be an app on your mobile. That means you get to take your “office” phone with you wherever you go. This is great if you have staff working from home or who are on the road often due to their work profiles.

Unified communications

VoIP serves as a single solution to all your communication needs. Depending on the features you select when you go VoIP, it can encompass audio and video calling, conferencing, voicemails,
internal messaging systems and even e-fax.

Call recording made easier

Since VoIP is all about software, calls on VoIP can be recorded at the click of a button. That means as long as you stay compliant with federal and state laws, you can record all client conversations,
trainings, etc., and share with all the parties to the conversation.


When you add to your staff or someone quits and you need to assign or reassign a new extension or phone number to a new employee, using VoIP, you can do this yourself in a few minutes. It is as easy as logging into your VoIP software and changing the details on their interface.

Keep communication lines open, even during disasters

Since your VoIP system is primarily software-based and can be accessed from anywhere, you can ensure your communication lines are up and running
even if your office is shut due to an unforeseen event. You can just set up call forwarding to your other offices if you have any, or answer calls and
attend teleconferences.

Do your research and ask questions

It is pretty clear that VoIP is here to stay and will definitely benefit your business. But, you need to ensure you pick the right MSP to be your VoIP service provider. Here are a few things to check with your MSP before you sign up with them for VoIP services.

Ask your MSP how long they have been in the business–especially in the business of VoIP. Not all MSPs offer VoIP services. It is one of the more uncommon service lines, so you want to be sure that the MSP you sign up with for VoIP knows it well

Your communication system is the lifeline of your business, so ensure your MSP can offer timely support and troubleshooting services, should your VoIP system face problems.

As we mentioned above, not every MSP specializes in VoIP. So, do ask your MSP for references from their existing VoIP clients. Speak to them and find out if they are really happy with the service.

Ask your MSP about their security and disaster recovery processes, including backups. You don’t want your voice mails, e-faxes, etc., to be available to unintended recipients or get lost in the event of a disaster.

There are different pricing models in the market. Ask what kind of pricing model your MSP follows. Do you have to pay per user, per phone system or per the data you use–though the last option offers maximum flexibility and is generally recommended.  Also check the complete pricing structure thoroughly so you are not in for any rude surprises later. For examples, you choose a plan that’s per user, thinking you only pay for the number of connections you take. But there may be fine print stating that you are allowed only x amount of data usage at that price point and if you data usage exceeds a certain limit,
you may have to pay an additional amount.

Since your VoIP system will be using a modem to access the internet, it will not function during power outages and can paralyze your business
communications. All VoIP systems now have many options that give you great flexibility in case of emergency. If your VoIP system has an app version,
you can just install the app on your smartphone and use your cell phone’s mobile data to communicate, power outage/router performance notwithstanding.

Plus, the VoIP app lends a lot of flexibility as your employees can use their ‘office phone’ from anywhere using the app. Also, when you have someone new coming in, you can set up their VoIP extension our number in a few minutes by just as logging into your VoIP app. When you look at the bigger picture, VoIP offers you scalability, flexibility and helps save money. Plus, it is evolving quickly and chances are the traditional phone systems may soon be done away with. There has never been a better time to switch to VoIP and in fact, there’s no reason not to make that switch. Talk to a managed services provider today to find out how VoIP can work specifically for you.

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