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A Good Plan Increases Your Chances of Recovery

Statistics show that on average, over 40% of businesses that do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business after a major loss like a fire, a break-in, a storm, or sabotage.

There is no reason a temporary setback should turn into a permanent failure – if you protect your organization before disaster strikes. The first step is to create a Disaster Recovery, or Business Continuity Plan.

San Angelo Small Businesses and companies all across West Texas have found the need to securely backup important files, both personal and public. They depend on Snider Technology and Datto for their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity needs.


Off-site Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Imagine you are a medical practice that can’t book appointments because your server
is down. How long could this business be down before it starts to “hurt” patients?
Imagine you are a law firm that needs specific case files, but whose files were
recently “locked up” by the Cryptolocker virus. Imagine you are a retail business that
needs to process hundreds of transactions a day, but your point of sale system was
damaged in an electrical storm, and you can’t process and record transactions. How
will you stay in business? What will you do?

It’s No Longer A Matter Of “If” But “When” A Real World Threat Will Compromise Your Business Data.
Will You Be Ready?

Now imagine getting it all back in a matter of seconds. Your business is running, and you’re back to making business decisions. It’s no longer a matter of “if,” but “when” a real world threat will compromise your business data. Between natural disasters, viruses, user error, and ransomware like ”cryptolocker,” these threats are becoming ever-present.

Business continuity made for your business

No matter how complex your IT environment may be, business continuity should be simple, fast, and fail-safe. It should work when you need it to – in an instant’s notice – locally in your office or from an off-site location. It should prove itself day in and day out on your schedule. 

Datto SIRIS is a robust business continuity solution that brings together state of the art hardware with a secure cloud storage capability.

The result is a comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solution that gets your business up and running instantly in the event you can’t access your data or systems.

With SIRIS you get Total Data Protection

SIRIS combines the most important elements of data protection into a single fully integrated package: backup capture and verification, backup restore, and a complete virtual host for business continuity.

Data Recovery

Our team of IT support professionals can help you get started right away. We will put together a comprehensive plan for your entire organization, considering key components crucial to your recovery, and establish a formal process to be followed to restore your business continuity when a disaster occurs.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan will be a comprehensive, step-by-step process for you and your staff to follow, covering such items as contacting your local authorities and insurance carriers, re-establishing phone service, sourcing equipment, restoring data, and all essentials needed to restore your organization’s operational capability.

How does Snider Technology and Datto protect your business?

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