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Microsoft announced 44 new retail stores will be opened by next year

Microsoft SupportMicrosoft has confirmed that they are planning to expand their number of retail stores in Canada, with their Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner setting out plans for the expansion.

Talking at the Worldwide Partner Conference on July 11, Mr. Turner announced that the company would go ahead with plans outlined in early 2009, by opening 9 more stores in the United States to add to their current cache of 20. Two dates for store openings have been confirmed, with the Orlando Microsoft store opening on August 18th, and Boston shortly following suit with its store in the Prudential Center opening five days later.

At the moment, there are no stores serving the Canadian market, but Microsoft have made their intention to break the global market clear, with plans to expand into both Canada and Puerto Rico, before next year.

Sources have reported that Microsoft also plans to enter British territory, with a London flagship store planned to be opened by 2013.

Microsoft’s plans are clearly dwarfed by the presence of Apple in the retail market, who has over 350 stores in 13 countries. Microsoft announced last year that they hoped to have 75 stores open by 2014, but today’s announcement seems to indicate that their new plan is more optimistic. Apple had said that by opening retail stores, they have become able to think like customers, and hence produce better products – whether Microsoft will do the same is yet to be seen.

As a Microsoft Partner supporting local business we are excited about having new Microsoft stores opening up.  This allows clients to test out new Microsoft products and us partners to continue to support leading innovation in our markets.  Call today if you are looking for a trustworthy Microsoft partner to help you.

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