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Have you jailbreaked your iPhone?

Are you a gadget geek? You’re in for a treat then! Why, you ask? Because the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has made a formal request to the US Copyright Office to consider exempting activities such as jailbreaking your iPhone (and rooting your Android! AND modding your Xbox!) from enforcement under the DMCA!

Now you don’t have to get so excited just yet! That’s because activities as these are still considered a circumvention of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology in a device under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in the United States, which – by the way – is illegal.

However, what it would it be like if the US Copyright Office gave in to the EEF’s request? It would obviously be good news for gadget geeks like you because then, you would have more freedom to do what you like with your devices. On top of that, you’d also be able to do more for your device in terms of security (if you have the knowledge, that is). You could, for example, load an updated Android operating system that has security fixes long before your vendor provides you with the official fix.

But this could be bad news for those who don’t know their way around these things. Remember the ikee worm for iOS? Not only did it Rickroll your iPhone, it only worked if it was jailbroken. Likewise, this step could also mean security threats for the unaware users. You never know when they might come across a pirated software for game consoles and smartphones that are embedded with Trojans. And there’s no telling smartphone/game console users won’t hack their devices to pirate games and software, either. You see, they might want to try before they buy.

So, in case the request gets accepted, remember to use your rights with responsibility.

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