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Flag Day – United States

IT Services in the United StatesWe’ve seen it adorn the coffins of soldiers and presidents, wrapped around the shoulders of Olympic athletes, and callously burned in the streets. It waves proudly outside of schools, banks, museums and businesses. It engenders feelings of pride and anger in equal measure. Regardless of what feelings it fosters in those who see it, the United States flag is unique and easily recognizable as a symbol of one the largest industrialized nations on the planet.

For 235 years, Jun. 14 has served as the date on which United States citizens celebrate Flag Day to commemorate the adoption of the nation’s flag. A resolution by the Second Continental Congress, which, according to Wikipedia, states that “the flag of the United States be 13 stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation” brought into existence the flag that many in the U.S. hold dear today.

The United States flag has gone through many changes since its inception – 39 to be exact – and all versions are on display in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Flag Day is not a federal holiday, but it is often marked by parades throughout the country. The Flag Day parade that has taken place in Fairfield, WA every year – except possibly 1918 — since 1909 or 1910 is the nation’s oldest Flag Day parade, and the one that’s held in Troy, NY is the largest.

No nation is perfect, and U.S. citizens have had a lot to complain about recently. Of course, they have a lot to be proud of, too. Most U.S. denizens love their country because of all the freedoms and opportunities it affords them. Rest assured, there will be plenty of U.S. flags hanging on porches, car antennae, T-shirts and cheekbones all across the country.

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