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Facebook Graph Search brings robust search to social media giant

social media consultingBeing found online is the goal of every small business. The Internet has proven to be a great resource for small businesses looking to attract new opportunities, potential partnerships and connection into the community.

Facebook is the top social media site with over one billion users. Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook unveiled their new tool allowing users to search for specific content within Facebook and challenging similar services already offered by Google, LinkedIn and Yelp.

Facebook’s Graph Search allows a user to discover people, photos, places and interests. In addition, during a recent demonstration of the new Graph Search service, Facebook showed how recruiters can use Facebook Graph Search to find potential recruits.

Users will be able to customize their searches, such as specifying music, restaurants and even locations. You can also discover friends who have a specific interest in a particular topic.

When fully rolled out, the goal of Facebook Graph Search will be allowing web users to spend more time inside Facebook and less time on other competing sites.

Mark Zuckerberg stressed that Facebook is not becoming a search engine; that is Google’s specialty. Unlike search engines that rely on keywords, Facebook search will be focused on interests and combined phrases like “my friends in New York City who like Elton John.”

Some Facebook users are questioning Facebook once again on privacy. According to reports on local news, Facebook users will be given the opportunity to secure and mark private items they do not want open to the general public. As with previous rollouts, you can control what information is made public, either by maintaining your privacy settings within Facebook, or by not posting any information you don’t want others to see.

Facebook Graph Search is still in testing and will be available shortly to all Facebook users.

What do you think about Facebook and their privacy standards? Let us know and if you have questions about how your business can utilize Facebook or other social media services give us a call and arrange a no obligation discussion.

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