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Choosing a great small business name

Guest Blog by Goforth Institute

Small Business Computer SupportWhat’s in a name? Well, when it comes to your small business – quite a lot. Your name will be one of the first things customers know about you. It’s important that your name is easy to remember and says something about the kind of business you are. Read on for more tips on choosing a small business name – unless you’re a sole proprietor operating under your own name, that is.

  • Keep your small business name memorable – What name is more likely to stick in your brain: Maria’s Delightful and Custom-Made Floral Boutique, or Flowers By Maria?
  • Keep your business name short – As you can probably tell by the first example, shorter names tend to be easier to remember. They also reduce confusion about what you offer.
  • Be creative, but not too wacky - Let your imagination loose when creating your small business name, but keep the first two tips in mind. Whatever you do, make sure your small business’ name isn’t unintentionally funny or involves elaborate spelling. And write out your name in all one word so you can run the same tests on your potential URL.
  • Avoid restricted small business names - Stay clear of names that are too similar to existing businesses, or that are considered obscene or inappropriate. You also won’t be allowed to register a name that suggests a connection with the Royal Family or with the government.
  • Allow room for growth - If your small business is one that could expand from its current product or service offering, it might be a good idea to keep your name slightly more general. For example, a graphic design business operating under the name Crystal Clear Print Design might find itself stuck once it decides to expand into web design.


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