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Bring back start button in Windows 8 with Start8 app

Windows 8 SupportThe new Windows has a bunch of new surprises in it, among which the Metro inspired user interface is the most prominent. The drastically changed interface received mixed feedback from users. While many liked it, others simply despised that. The reason behind their frustration is the missing start button that the people have become so familiar with. That’s right; the start button is not there in Windows 8. Luckily, a company named Stardock has come up with an app that allows you to get back the start button again.

The start button has been in Windows operating systems for more than 17 years and is considered a Windows trademark; however, as Microsoft embarks on a campaign to promote its new philosophy and look, many of those familiar features are disappearing.  Loyal Windows users became quite upset with this move. They are really fond of that little button in the bottom left corner of the Windows desktop. Fortunately, Stardock has already developed the Start8 app to resolve this issue.

Start8 is in the beta phase and free to download from the official Start8 website. According to a review, the beta version of Start8 is fully functional and includes a typical unified search bar, pin-able applications, a jump list and also matches the color of the taskbar. In short, this is as close to the previous start button as one can get. The default “Direct to Desktop Booting” system is smooth, and you get to see your old desktop once you sign on to Windows 8. Although, many opponents say that this app will not work, it has, so far, proven them wrong.

Although the beta version of Start8 is free to use, the completed version won’t be. But we will need to wait a bit longer to know how much Stardock plans to charge for Start8.

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