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April 25 is Administrative Professionals’ Day

The week of Apr. 23-27, 2012 marks Administrative Professionals Week in North America, and Apr. 25 is Administrative Professionals’ Day. The term administrative professional covers a wide range of jobs, but Administrative Professionals’ Day is meant to recognize the contributions of administrative support professionals such as secretaries, administrative assistants and receptionists.

Believe it or not, Administrative Professionals’ Week first came into existence in the 1950s. Specifically, in 1952, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer declared Jun. 1-7as National Secretaries’ Week and Jun. 4 – a Wednesday – as National Secretaries’ Day. Three years later, National Secretaries’ Week became known as Professional Secretaries’ Week and got moved from the first week of June to the last full week of April where it has remained ever since.

Regardless of the moniker it bears, Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day when all are encouraged to show their appreciation for the administrative support people in their lives, not just the administrative professionals’ direct supervisors or managers. Administrative support professionals often receive greeting cards, flowers and small gifts from their bosses and co-workers. In today’s world, gift card sales, whether plastic or electronic, probably go up dramatically at this time of the year. The gift of a pre-paid debit card, like those issued by Visa and American Express, allows an administrative professional to buy whatever he wants.

So, if there’s an administrative support professional in your office, don’t let all her hard work go unnoticed. Even if all you do is give a heartfelt thank you – and maybe let her go home early – it’s better than allowing the entire week go by without your ever saying a word.

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